Control equipment for dosing pumps for the regulation of free chlorine, pH, RedOx, EC and proportional dosing.

Specially designed for online dosing through PI and PIQ (PI + flow) control, in water treatment applications, organic irrigation, industrial processes, cooling towers, swimming-pools/ spas.

Analogue control output 4-20mA for frequency inverter and digitals for ON/OFF control.

Multi-parameter controller for control of pH, Redox, free chlorine, proportional dosing.

P, PI and PIQ control for online or recirculation regulation.
4-20mA control output and relay
Monitoring and data logger via web

Controller for proportional dosing, pH or EC regulation

Monitoring of flow, pH and EC

Volumetric dosing controller, bacth addition

+ Batch dosing

+ Automatic control to fill tanks with a certain volume of liquid.

+ Proportional addition to a pulse input, for example from a water meter

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